Top 5 Most Safe Cars In India

The recent death of former TATA group chairperson Cyrus Mistry, a high-profile death on Sunday afternoon, has drawn attention once again to road safety and death happening in India due to road accidents. In India according to reports 155,622 deaths occurred due to road accidents whereas 371,884 get injured in the year 2021. To reduces the deaths happening due to road accidents Ministry of Road Transport and Highway is working on improving the road conditions, whereas Indian car-making companies are holding a flag to save their people by providing the safest cars. Safety is the most important factor for anybody who is investing in a car. Here are the top 5 safest cars in India based on the rating of NCAP India –


TATA Punch – 5 Star Punch was introduced in October last year. In NCAP crash test Punch scored 16.45 out of 17 points in adult safety which is considered a five-star rating and it scored 40.89 out of 49 points in child safety which is considered a four-star rating. The price of Punch starts from Rs 5,93,000 and it is offered in only petrol engine option. Punch is considered among the top-selling cars in India.

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