Article on March 25, 2023

EVs To Play A Significant Role In Auto Racing: Akhil Reddy, Racing Promotions

Overall, the future of motorsports in India looks bright, and the industry has the potential to become a global player in the coming years said Akhil Reddy, Chairman & MD, Racing Promotions

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Pure EV Launches Three New Showrooms In 3 States

Rajasthan, UP and Assam showrooms were inaugurated on the same day. Pure EV is also exporting its products to countries in South Asia and further plans to expand into Africa and Middle Eastern markets

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Wardwizard Commences Operations Of Its Battery Assembly Line

Wardwizard has accomplished the target of rolling out the first batch of assembled battery packs recently from this unit

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Bharat Petroleum Launches 19 EV Fast-Charging Stations In Karnataka, Kerala and TN

30 KW fast charging stations installed at 110 Fuel Stations, creating 19 EV Fast Charging Corridors on 15 major highways in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. These corridors will connect important religious and tourists destinations with cities

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