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EVs To Play A Significant Role In Auto Racing: Akhil Reddy, Racing Promotions

Overall, the future of motorsports in India looks bright, and the industry has the potential to become a global player in the coming years said Akhil Reddy, Chairman & MD, Racing Promotions

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India Has Ambitious To Transition To Electric Mobility: V G Anil, Arenq

There has been a rise in battery manufacturers even if they don’t have the necessary infrastructure - V G Anil, CEO, Arenq

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The Average Host Earns Up To Rs 50,000 Per Month: Greg Moran, Zoomcar

The future of mobility in India is going to be shared and sustainable and self-drive is one of the pillars on which this is being built: Greg Moran, Zoomcar

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Make In India Has Been A True Flagship For Govt: Ashwin Bhandari, iVOOMi Energy

We believe that electric vehicles are the future of automobility. Whether it is a two-wheeler, four-wheeler, or commercial mobility the world is in the midst of a green revolution, with India being a hub for groundbreaking innovations and evolving sustainable energy

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2022 Was A Pivotal Year For The EV Sector: Sudhindra Reddy, Turno

In 2023, we can expect the EV industry in India to continue its growth trajectory with increasing demand for EVs: Sudhindra Reddy, Co-founder, Turno

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We Have Designed Our Product To Be Completely Indigenous: Kunal Chandra, Astro Motors

The Astro has Triyaan Navya in there portfolio which comes under the cargo 3-wheeler L5 category

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