Tata Motors Faces A Dip Of 1.7% In November 2023 Sales

Tata Motors experienced a 1.7 per cent dip in November 2023 sales, selling 74,172 vehicles compared to the previous year. Sales in India decreased by 1 per cent, with passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles experiencing a 4 per cent drop

Tata Motors experienced a slight slowdown in November 2023, with total sales falling by 1.7 per cent compared to the same month in 2022. The brand sold 74,172 vehicles this year, a slight decrease from the 75,478 units it sold the previous year.

When we look at sales in India alone, they went down by 1 per cent, from 73,467 units in November 2022 to 72,647 units this year.

Breaking it down further:

  • Passenger Vehicles: They sold 46,143 units in November 2023, which is 1 per cent less than what they sold in the same month last year.

  • Commercial Vehicles: This category saw a 4 per cent drop, with sales going from 29,053 units in November 2022 to 28,029 units this year.

Tata Motors also shared that the total sales for medium and heavy commercial vehicles (MH&ICV), including trucks and buses, were 12,895 units in November 2023. This is a bit more compared to the 12,673 units they sold in November 2022.

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