RACEnergy, Hala Mobility Partners To Deploy 2000 Vehicles With Battery Swapping Tech

Phase I of the rollout will begin by July this year

Photo Credit : RACEnergy,

Deep technology company for battery swapping, RACEnergy, and Hala Mobility, India's multi-modal ride-sharing platform, has collaborated to deploy a fleet of 2000 electric two-wheelers. 

This fleet, integrated with RACEnergy's state-of-the-art battery-swapping technology, will be utilised for delivery services across India. Phase I of the rollout will begin by July this year.  

Both companies share the goal of making e-mobility more accessible to the public through user-friendly and cost-effective technology. RACE's battery swapping network established in the city and the lightweight interoperable battery packs that work across two-and-three wheelers will help Hala accelerate and expand its market and customer base.   

"With RACE's impressive advancements, such as their lightning-fast 4-second swapping time and an extensive network of swap points, users are provided with a better vehicle range. We are confident that we will be able to make electric vehicles not only accessible but also convenient for all to use," said Srikanth Reddy, Founder and CEO of Hala Mobility.

Electric two-wheelers are the forerunners in the EV industry in India, with a massive 305 per cent growth in sales recorded last year. Utilising this large market of vehicles, the partnership will propel the adoption of clean mobility in the country. RACEnergy has completed 2.5 million green kilometres and does 500 swaps on its network daily.

"We have already established a strong presence in Telangana's e-auto market. By joining forces with Hala, we are confident that we will penetrate the electric two-wheeler market and reach an even broader user base," said Arun Sreyas, Co-founder and CEO of RACEnergy.


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