Mahansaria Group, Mitas Jointly Launches A Two-wheeler Tyre Brand Reise In India

Reise says their tyres will be built as per European standards at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Saykha, Gujarat

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Reise Product Portfolio

Reise Moto, a division of Mahansaria Group, has launched a new two-wheeler tyre brand ‘reise’ in India. 

Reise is a natural extension of synergies and convergence of the strong pedigree of the Mahansaria group and Mitas’s European lineage and understanding of specialised two-wheel applications and off-road capabilities.

Reise is a German word that means “Trip”.

Designed in Europe and Engineered in India, the company says that Reise is curated for the growing segment of two-wheeler customers in India who aspire to ride with confidence whether on the road or off-road. With access to Mitas’ European technology, Reise Moto is bringing the widest range of technologically superior products for the discerning two-wheeler customers in India under the reise brand. 

Reise will develop and design tyres as per international quality and bring the same to Indian roads.

Yogesh Mahansaria, Founder & Managing Director, Reise Moto said, “In today’s highly dynamic Indian two-wheeler space, the key is to serve the ever-evolving needs and aspirations of enthusiasts who expect a lot more from their machines than just commuting. Reise Moto is a result of our ingrained understanding of the Indian tyre industry, with an aim to bridge the gap in the demand for international quality range of tyres for Indian roads. Our first and continuing goal is to elevate and deliver world-class riding experience, encouraging and inspiring Reise riders to take on new roads with the confidence to ride more.”

Under the reise brand, Reise Moto has launched 26 SKUs in Phase 1 under 6 sub-brands viz. trailR, tourR, traceR & troopR for the motorcycles category and tripR and twistR for the scooters category; with an aim to create specialised tyres optimised for purpose-specific performance for each sub-segment in the high-end performance as well as the commuter segments of the two-wheeler industry. 

In motorcycles category - trailR series has been crafted for the true blue off-roader who wants to conquer every imaginable terrain, while the tourR is designed for the relaxed adventurer who wants to munch miles on the go; traceR series are racetrack-inspired sticky road tyres for the corner carvers, and the troopR caters to the commuter segment. 

In the scooters category, tripR series are touring tyres to cover longer distances – a first-in-segment, and twistR series is for quick spins in and around the city. 

Reise Moto is developing a formidable network of distributor partners to sell the reise range of tyres. 

All these SKUs have the same DNA and engineering as the international range of Mitas tyres, which have proven their credentials at the grilling rally championships such as the Paris-Dakar. All the Reise tyres undergo 182 rigorous assessments, through subjective and objective outdoor testing which are done to validate the product performance by professional test riders.

“India is one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in the world. We are confident that Reise Moto with its extensive range, will become the most aspired and dominant player in the two-wheeler tyre market,” Mahansaria added. 

For Reise Moto, Mahansaria Group has entered into a 76:24 JV with Mitas to set up a 30+ acre greenfield state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Saykha, Gujarat, India. The plant manufactures performance two-wheeler tyres under the brand name Mitas for European and North American markets and under the brand name Reise for the domestic market in India. 

In addition, Reise Moto also plans to create specially curated brand experiential initiatives such as the off-road training academy and backcountry trails for encouraging and engaging with the two-wheeler ‘touring’ and ‘adventure’ enthusiasts in India.


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