KOGO Bot Review - An Smart Travel Companion With A Community Platform

This AI-Powered GPS Tracker offers much more than just tracking, It also automatically creates videos of your journeys.

While we all click photographs during traveling, tracking the whole journey becomes cumbersome when using a smartphone. This is where KOGO BOT comes in, KOGO BOT is actually a hardware + software combo that takes over the tracking of journeys, road trips, bike rides, etc using the KOGO BOT hardware while the nifty software creates stories and allows you to share your trips with other users.

To begin the review, in the current scenario with social distancing and different states going in and out of lockdown and protests and agitations blocking highways KOGO BOT comes in extra handy. Imagine you are traveling from Delhi to Jaipur and want to see if someone else has recently done the trip, you can check on KOGO APP if someone else has done the same trip recently, you can also see where did they stop for fuel and refreshments as well. The KOGO App actually tries to build a community of KOGO users and that’s a great thing. The app also allows direct messaging between users, so you can connect with people who have probably traveled on the same route before asking questions, etc.

Once a user types in a destination on the KOGO app, the software automatically creates a trip title, a trip description, and as one travels, the software creates hashtags, records where you stop, and syncs photographs with the trip. The KOGO App also turn trips into amazing and unique TRIP VIDEOS and STORIES – AUTOMATICALLY, using artificial intelligence, so no more post-production required for uploading your travel videos on to social media platforms.

The Hardware - The KOGO bot is a small GPS device with built-in Simcard and a super-strong magnetic mount, battery life is good for ten days. The devices can be mounted on to a motorcycle, a car's dashboard, or can be just tucked away inside a backpack.

Once the KOGO Bot is switched on, and you start your trip on the KOGO app, The device starts logging onto the GPS satellites tracking all location data, environmental data, and geographical coordinates. The KOGO Bot can log data even if there is no available mobile network and stores up to three weeks of data. The KOGO bot and the mobile app then work together to create unique stories, trip titles, trip descriptions, and syncs user taken photographs. The stories are then posted on the KOGO app community for followers to see. The KOGO app also builds a video using the photographs along the route.

How to get the KOGO BOT

The KOGO App is Free to download on ANDROID and iOS and The KOGO Bot device is available at an introductory price of INR 7,749/-  and a one-year subscription to premium features of the KOGO app is priced at INR 1,499/- p.a and is available at, Amazon and across a network of 125 points of sale in India.

Our thoughts

Tracking and logging our journeys bring out important data and add to the memories of the trip, especially during COVID times the KOGO BOT really shines because of the community structure of the mobile application. The AI-based automated video generation is also a nifty feature that saves a lot of time for social media posting. So whether you into road trips, bike rides, or hiking KOGO Bot really makes sense as it offers a ton of features than a plane GPS tracker.

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