Fight Rising Crime Rates With Personal & Vehicle Security Devices During The Novel Coronavirus Panic

The economic crisis has always raised to increase in the criminal activity around the city. The most common criminal activity we witness is stealing of car which rises once there is economic slowdown.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organisation declared the disease COVID-19, a pandemic containing the spread of the novel coronavirus has been a global challenge. However, the panic regarding the COVID-19 infection is spreading faster than the disease itself. In the UK, the fear of novel coronavirus infection has resulted in a spiral of anxiety and fear.

There has been an economic slowdown and created fear amongst the people due to COVID-19. The economic crisis has always raised to increase in criminal activity around the city. The most common criminal activity we witness is the stealing of a car which rises once there is an economic slowdown. 

Reports of shops being looted and vandalized amid the uncontainable mass panic is becoming more common by the day. Countries like the UK have declared that the police will respond to "very serious crimes" only and it has become incredibly difficult for people to get through to emergency services. 

On the other hand, fear-stricken residents are buying masks, hand-sanitizers, hand wash and groceries in bulk, resulting in a widespread shortage of essential goods in several neighborhoods. 

How are law enforcement and emergency services coping with the novel coronavirus infection fear?

The unrest among people is threatening the safety and security of store owners, and even the odd passer-by. It has become difficult for property owners to safeguard their assets including retail stores, pharmacies, restaurants, food delivery businesses and grocery stores in the face of the buying frenzy. 

If the infections spread further and threaten the health of public officials, there will be a significant reduction in the availability of on-duty police officers and emergency respondents. 

That calls for pro-active steps on the part of the property owners to protect their own assets and vehicles. Along with an indomitable demand for masks and sanitizing agents, the demand for home and office security devices and alarms for vehicles has seen a steady rise across the world.

With the increasing possibility of a drastic reduction in the number of law enforcement officers on the streets, some people are showing great foresight by investing in security devices that can actively monitor their stores, vehicles, and homes.

How can security devices keep you and your belongings safe? 

Several people now prefer to travel alone during a time when the streets are not crowded to avoid coming in contact with a potentially infected person. 

People are also avoiding mass transportation. They are foregoing trains and buses in favor of persona cars and bikes. To ensure that your loved ones can keep track of your whereabouts from home, and to make sure that your bike and car remain safe while you step inside the shop you should consider plug-and-play security devices.

These plug-and-play security devices come user-ready. Since most of them require no charging, you can directly plug them to an OBD port. If you prefer biking or walking, you can opt for a simpler and smaller tracker device that you can keep in your purse or a bag. 

If you are thinking about traveling, you need to first check that your destination is accepting travelers from other regions or countries. Next, check their rates of infection and subsequent crime rates.

Invest in a mobile tracker that you can put in your luggage. Investing in an upgraded tracker that has SOS alerts and engine cut features will keep your own or rental vehicle safe no matter which city you are visiting. 

How is the COVID-19 scare contributing to mass paranoia and an increased crime rate?

As people are stocking up on masks, flu medication, hand wash, and groceries, fights are breaking out at departmental stores and pharmacies. There have been reports of retail stores and pharmacies being vandalized for running out of essential items.

As the strength of the available police force dwindles, frenzied people are taking this opportunity to engage in criminal activity that includes looting stores, vandalizing and robbing homes, and damaging and stealing vehicles. 

The risk of catching coronavirus is much lower than the risk of catching the paranoia that is affecting the millions. Apart from the reports of burglary, and vandalism, reports of personal attacks based on race and choice of protective gear are coming to the surface.

It is time to protect yourself and your belongings from the frantic crowds. The threat of COVID-19 infection is very real, but so is the risk of criminals breaking into your store, garage, home or parked automobile. 

The only way to ensure maximum protection to your family and your belongings is by stocking up on security devices that can monitor your vehicle status and location, portable security gadgets that can track your bags and belongings, and alarm systems for your home or store. 

What you should NOT forget

COVID-19 is indeed a serious infection that is putting the lives of millions at risk, but the paranoia is making the management and containment much more difficult in almost every country. 

The controversy regarding the effectiveness of masks will remain for a while, but these security devices will protect you, and your belongings with absolute certainty.

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