Electric Vs Non-Electric Vehicle: Here's How To Choose A Budget-Friendly Vehicle

The market has experienced a surge of more than 200 per cent in the previous year, going from 3.2 lakh EVs in 2021 to roughly 18 lakh EVs in 2022

The advancement of technology has not only altered people's personal lives, but it has also unravelled developments and trends in the corporate world. And to stay abreast in the market, various enterprises have adopted and implemented new technological breakthroughs in their business operations, and the automobile industry is no exception. There is no denying the fact that in recent years, humankind has become inclined towards a sustainable future. In this context, electric vehicles have become increasingly popular due to their environmental friendliness, lower operating costs, and improved performance. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, over 1.8 million EVs are registered in India. The market has experienced a surge of more than 200 per cent in the previous year, going from 3.2 lakh EVs in 2021 to roughly 18 lakh EVs in 2022. As a result, electric vehicles have become a viable option for those who are on the lookout to save money in the long run.

Factors to consider when choosing a Low-Cost Vehicle

In the present scenario, various consumers find it daunting to choose between electric and non-electric vehicles. Thus, to ease their choice, the best effort one can make is by prioritising the factors given below based on budget and preferences.

♦ Cost of Vehicle: There is no denying the fact that budgeting is essential to purchasing a new gadget or product. In fact, when it comes to vehicles, the prices of gasoline, diesel, and maintenance are soaring and are not expected to fall very soon. Electric vehicles, such as bicycles, do not require fuel, in this context, individuals can potentially save a significant amount of money by obtaining long-lasting and interchangeable batteries. Not to mention, people can also save their lump sum money on hefty insurance, and maintenance. As a consequence, depending on your demands, selecting an electric cycle can be a great way to travel without breaking the bank.

♦ Maintenance Cost: When it comes to maintenance costs, electric vehicles' pricing range is lower as compared to conventional automobiles. Despite the other reasons that contribute to the reasonable cost of maintenance for electric vehicles, the onus is on the fact that they do not have as many moving parts as ICE vehicles. And on the other hand, EVs require relatively less maintenance. As a result, electric mobility, especially e-bicycle is the advisable choice in terms of budget-friendly aspects. Moreover, besides charging, you can also clean the model frequently and opt for swappable batteries to save money as well as time.

♦ Safety: It is an undeniable fact that looking for a budget-friendly vehicle might be daunting, but when purchasing an automobile, whether electric or conventional, it is critical to check on the available features and safety. Thus, in modern times, every electric vehicle has a speed limit that the rider can not exceed, which guarantees the safety of everybody on the road. As a consequence, having said that, the speed cap on EVs ensures individuals reach their destination (be it on the mountain or the road) without compromising safety. Furthermore, during rush hour, an electric cycle with a speed limit is substantially faster than a stuck-in-traffic automobile.

♦ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): As we all know, there is no such thing as a perfect purchase. Thus, if you want to change the monotony of this notion, going for an electric vehicle is the ideal option. Aside from comfort and eco-friendly nature, electric vehicles can be economical in terms of the total cost of ownership because TCO includes the vehicle's purchase price, insurance, maintenance, and servicing charges. As a result, choosing an electric bicycle might save you a lot of money in the long run and provide you with a budget-friendly option.

Electric Vehicles: The Future of Mobility!

India's electric vehicle industry has come a long way since its inception and has taken the world by storm. As EV organisations are making considerate efforts, the government is also playing a pivotal role in improving industrial infrastructure and establishing an ideal gateway for individuals to opt for electric vehicles for a sustainable future. As a result, it's safe to assume that the popularity of electric vehicles, whether two or four wheels, is unlikely to fade anytime soon, and you shouldn't either. In addition, now is the time to invest in an electric bicycle that meets mobility demands without jeopardising your or the environment's safety.

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