EVs To Play A Significant Role In Auto Racing: Akhil Reddy, Racing Promotions

Overall, the future of motorsports in India looks bright, and the industry has the potential to become a global player in the coming years said Akhil Reddy, Chairman & MD, Racing Promotions

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BW Auto World talked with Akhil Reddy, Chairman & MD, Racing Promotions on the current scenario of motorsport in India, the challenges faced by it and the future of motorsport in India. Here's what he said:

What do you think about the future of motorsports in India? What to Expect in the Coming Years?

India has seen significant growth in the motorsports industry over the years. In the coming years, the prospects of Indian motorsports look optimistic, given the increasing interest among the youth and the efforts of private entities towards its development. The government's recent announcement to set up an International level motorsports complex in Pune is a positive step towards promoting and nurturing motorsports culture in India. 

Moreover, the entry of Indian teams and racers in international events like the Formula E and Indianapolis 500 showcases the capability and potential of Indian motorsports. With the right support and resources, Indian motorsports can attract global attention and achieve international success in the future.

However, challenges like acquiring advanced technology and infrastructure, lack of sponsorship, and limited exposure remain persistent. Hence it is essential to have a systematic approach towards developing the industry by investing in talent, building infrastructure, and creating opportunities for racers to gain international exposure. Overall, the future of motorsports in India looks bright, and the industry has the potential to become a global player in the coming years.

How is Infrastructure Development for motorsports in our country?
Infrastructure development for motorsports involves building and maintaining tracks, circuits, and facilities for racing events. This includes designing, constructing, and upgrading tracks, pits, stands, lighting systems, and safety barriers, among others. Such infrastructure is essential for successful and safe motorsports events and contributes to the growth and development of the motorsports industry in a country.

Some of the factors that affect infrastructure development for motorsports include funding, government policies and support, accessibility, and environmental concerns. The availability of funds determines how much investment can be made in motorsports infrastructure. Government policies and their support play a crucial role in developing motorsports in the country, both through funding and regulations. Accessibility to the tracks and circuits is another factor that affects the audience and participation rates in motorsports. Overall, the development of infrastructure for motorsports in any country requires a comprehensive approach, including funding, policies, accessibility, and sustainability.

Due to EV growth in the market can we expect an electric future for auto racing?

It is quite possible that electric vehicles will play a significant role in the future of auto racing. We have already seen the emergence of electric car-racing series such as Formula E and the Electric GT Championship, which attract both professional drivers and spectators worldwide. The increasing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in the automotive industry could lead to more investment and development in electric racing vehicles, making them more accessible and competitive than ever before. Additionally, technological advancements and improvements in battery capacity and charging times could make electric car racing even more feasible in the coming years. Overall, the future of auto racing may indeed be electric, and it will be fascinating to see how the industry evolves and adapts to this trend.

How can you and your company change the landscape of Motorsports?

The Indian racing league can help promote the racing culture in India by organising more races locally and promoting Indian racers. This will encourage more people to become interested in Motorsports and create a talent pool that can be trained to become professional racers. Our company can provide a platform for Indian racers to compete at the international level. By organizing top-notch racing events, the league can help Indian racers gain valuable experience and exposure that can help them compete against the best racers in the world. Our company can also increase awareness about Motorsports in India by conducting workshops, training programs, and publicising events. This will help people understand the nuances of Motorsports and the importance of the sport in the global arena. Our company can also help develop the infrastructure necessary for Motorsports to flourish in India. 

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