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AI & Machine Learning: The Future Of Transportation

The automotive industry is currently on the cusp of a revolution driven by changing customer preferences. Now, concepts that formerly seemed to belong in science fiction are becoming reality. Read on to find out what’s coming next in the exciting future of transportation

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Tesla Sued By Drivers Over Alleged False Autopilot, Full Self-Driving Claims

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has since 2016 opened 38 special investigations of Tesla crashes believed to involve ADAS. Nineteen deaths were reported in those crashes.

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Truly Autonomous Cars May Be Impossible Without Helpful Human Touch

Making robot cars that can drive more safely than people is immensely tough because self-driving software systems simply lack humans' ability to predict and assess risk quickly, especially when encountering unexpected incidents or "edge cases."

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Britain Sets Out Roadmap For Self Driving Vehicle Usage By 2025

Some vehicles with self-driving features could be allowed on large roads by next year

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Amazon Owned Self Driving Firm Zoox To Launch Robotaxi Business

Zoox’s vehicle, called VH6, has room for four passengers, with two facing each other - a layout that looks like startup Cruise’s Origin vehicle unveiled in January, 2020. Cruise is controlled by General Motors.

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U.S. Agency Probing Self-Driving Cruise Car Crash In California

NHTSA has opened 45 special crash investigations into crashes since 2016 involving suspected automated and advanced driver systems; this is the first involving a Cruise vehicle.

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