Latest Articles in Battery for Electric Vehicles

RACEnergy Clears AIS-156 Phase 2 Certification For Swappable Batteries

Mandated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the certification ensures safety and performance standards for electric vehicles on Indian roads

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Significance Of Second-life Batteries In The EV Industry. How It Will Be A Game Changer?

Second-life batteries are used batteries from electric vehicles that have reached the end of their useful life in the vehicle but can still retain a significant amount of their original capacity

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Trontek Introduces Lithium Phosphate Battery To Its Product

Receives AIS-156 (Rev 3, Ph 2) certification for its entire range of EV batteries. Trontek was one of the companies to receive AIS 156 certification in the first phase of AIS 156, last year

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Wardwizard Commences Operations Of Its Battery Assembly Line

Wardwizard has accomplished the target of rolling out the first batch of assembled battery packs recently from this unit

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New Battery Standards: A Great Opportunity To Make EVs More Reliable & Sustainable

In India, EVs are finally gaining steady traction because people are beginning to understand the benefits of upgrading from ICE to EVs.

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Taiwanese Ev Giant Ahamani Forms Joint Venture With Renon India To Make Lithium Batteries

The JVC is developing a battery factory in Surat, Gujarat with an initial capacity of 200 MWh per annum which will further be expandable to 1GWh over the next few years.

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