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AI & Machine Learning: The Future Of Transportation

The automotive industry is currently on the cusp of a revolution driven by changing customer preferences. Now, concepts that formerly seemed to belong in science fiction are becoming reality. Read on to find out what’s coming next in the exciting future of transportation

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Collision Avoidance Technology Or Much More?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is today one of the fastest-growing segments of automotive electronics in the advancing mobility value chain, fuelled by technology advancements and consumer interest in safety applications that protect drivers and reduce accidents.

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ADAS In India - Segments That Can See Faster Penetration In Prospects

ADAS is not just a value-add today; it is also a critical aspect of vehicle safety.

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Driving Into A Secure Space

With smartphones and feature-rich vehicle cockpits becoming universal, the likelihood of driver distraction has also increased.

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Elektrobit Introduces Cloud-Based Tool For Developing ADAS

EB Assist Test Lab provides engineers with a single, powerful tool to dramatically increase efficiencies, simplify team workflows and bring systems and functions to production more quickly.

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Sensory Steering Wheel That Reduces Driver Distraction Developed By JLR

A steering wheel developed by Jaguar Land Rover could help keep drivers’ eyes on the road – by using heat to tell drivers when to turn left or right.

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