Nova Drive Lenses : Cuts The Glare, Keeps You Safe On The Road

Sometimes you may be tempted to ask yourself; do night driving glasses really work? We tried out the recently launched NOVA DRIVE LENSES and for our drives and rides and here is our report

Whether you are driving a car or riding a motorcycle or just battling through city traffic safety is critical. You are solely dependent on your vision, if you cannot see, you cannot drive, at least not safely. Enhancing your night vision could be one of the steps you should take if you care about your safety and that of others. Often we find ourselves straining to manoeuvre through the traffic at night because of the glare of the bright LED/Xenon headlights, LED-lit signage, illuminated billboard, streetlights. Even during the golden hours of the day, the sun can make it very tough to drive safely. If your eyes are sensitive to bright lights in low-light settings, this glare can be disorienting.

Sometimes you may be tempted to ask yourself; do night driving glasses really work? We tried out the recently launched NOVA DRIVE LENSES and for our drives and rides and the answer is a clear, yes! Nova Drive glasses help reduce the glare and increase the contrast, which in turn help you see clearly.

If you use prescription glasses, Nova Eyewear will give you the drive lenses made according to your eye power. 

Powered with protective lens material like Blumax, Nova Drive lenses provide complete protection from UV rays during the day, and also keep away the harmful blue light emitted from the sun, LED/xenon headlights and digital devices to help avoid any strain on the eyes.

The lenses are powered with a premium anti-reflective coating, Satin Aktiv, whose revolutionary technology deflects a part of the UV rays, high energy visible (HEV) light and heat-generating infra-red rays, it reduces the blinding effect caused by nightly glares and even direct sunlight glare, far more efficiently providing the sharpest possible vision with high contrast round the clock.

We used the Nova Drive Lenses while driving through Delhi Smog and fog in winters and the difference in visibility was very noticeable. The Strain on the eyes due to oncoming headlights on high beam was almost gone. We also noticed that we were not squinting because of light glare. 

The Nova Drive Lenses can be had in any of the trendy frames from the vast portfolio of Nova Eyewear. 

We also tried the Nova Drive Lenses for our motorcycle rides, The Lenses worked perfectly through the visor of the helmet giving us a distortion-free view of the road ahead. The glare was no problem and the high contrast view lead to better visibility a d actually made us more confident while riding at night and during bad weather. 

One other thing we noticed Nova Drive lenses remained sharp and distortion-free from left to right corner of the lens. The Company says it is because of the power profile of the surface contours of the lenses are so optimized that the aberrations created in the para-centric region of the lenses are curbed down providing the wearer with an unrestricted view from the right rearview mirror to left rearview mirror without excessive horizontal head movement.

Nova Drive lenses are available in Single Vision and Progressive variants at all leading optical stores. You no longer have to feel uneasy driving in the night or fog, these glasses got you covered. It’s quite interesting to see how just a small change can give you a drastic improvement in your visibility. Nova Drive Lenses gets a thumbs up from us. 


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