Top 5 Performance Sedans That Justify The Tag Of “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”

These cars are more than what meets the eye. They score great on luxury, practicality, and comfort but they also smash records by doing north to 100km/hr under 5 sec.

PORSCHE Panamera Turbo

Price: 2.09 Crore Ex-Showroom Delhi It is nothing short of a miracle to pull out a power of 541bhp and 770nm of torque for a car that weighs 2 tons. You are welcomed inside the cabin with a humongous but gorgeous 12.7-inch touchscreen infotainment system which is a joy to use and the gear lever is surrounded by pressure sensitive buttons that are neatly placed in symmetry. The gear shifts are buttery smooth and effortless which is expected from a dual clutch unit. It can go from a standstill to a 100km/hr in 4.2 sec flat. The back seats are separated by a center console and the boot is pretty reasonable at 500 liters. The fuel economy is very low as expected but a 90-liter fuel tank would not need refilling very often. You can spend another fortune for the Sport Chrono package that would get you a melodious sounding exhaust and sports plus mode along with dynamic chassis control. This would set you back by an additional 22 lakh but when buying a 2 Crore + vehicle why not go all in?

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