What New-Age Auto Service Startups Are Addressing?

While things like grocery, clothing, medication etc did become the first to get a route online, the auto service sector took a little time and effort to get the attention.

India is the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world. Every year, hundreds of startups are born with the enthusiasm to offer something out-of-the-box and contribute to the economic growth of the country. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 that wreaked havoc across the globe also brought in the true test of the zeal and ideas that the new age entrepreneurs take pride in. The economy came to a standstill and availing of the day-to-day requirements too became a challenge for consumers. The catastrophe, certainly, could not have gone unnoticed. Currently, every business sector is trying to revive with the lapse of time, innovation, and creativity. Every startup is trying to innovate, in order to build finer models that remain relevant even during such unprecedented times. The core objective of entrepreneurs is to prepare solutions that may enable businesses and even the common people, to sail through difficult times like these. While things like grocery, clothing, medication, etc did become the first to get a route online, the auto service sector took a little time and effort to get the attention.

Need for change in the Auto-service sector

Like every other business sector, the auto service sector too had to take the heat.  At a time when the economy is coming out of recession, the auto service sector is still struggling due to its age-old model which also is unorganized. At some places like local garages, the services lack expertise, and customers have less faith in the quality and authenticity of spare parts. While at other options, where expertise is available such as Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) workshops or reputed garages, the price charged tends to be profuse, which makes it difficult for middle-class people to opt for. The auto service sector is one of those business sectors which has seen the least growth or innovation in the decade. In nutshell, the present system needs change.

‘The new’ in the sector

Unlike the existing old-style companies in the auto service sector, the startups are working hard to cope up with the blemishes in the sector. They are following a different approach which will give customers the right service and that too at affordable rates. A nationalized brand in the name of a new-age auto service startup is the need of the hour that will render quality service across the country, offer standardization of the procedures, will have a stringent network of workshops, and all this in sync with insurance associations. Together this forms a perfect recipe of one-stop auto solutions. 

Technology remains the main

There are always some hiccups when there is an advent of a new concept. In the auto service sector, uniformity and standardization of services across the geography while maintaining precision is what can actually attract people. Until now, the trust was only resting with the OEMs. But this challenge can be overcome by the much-required implementation of technology in the auto service space. With the adoption of technology in the space, the rendering of service will become easier and universal. Not only will this maintain the quality but also it will become more convenient for people if they can have a transparent experience. This can bring in the finer experience like- real-time updates, easy financial assistance,  assurance on components, etc. The scope is huge when it comes to the transformation of the sector. This might just be the cutting edge for startups.


The auto service sector is lacking actual growth due to the shortcomings in the work being done compared to the cost. Therefore, addressing the gaps in the services, while maintaining the standards could be the winning formula for a much-awaited revolution in the domain.

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