Volkswagen Polo With A 1.0 Litre Heart - Review

Let us see how the smaller engine performs in a market where Polo has been known for riding and handling. Is it still as desirable as it was? Let us find out.

Volkswagen Polo 1.0

Volkswagen Polo is the cheapest German car that one can buy in India. Known for being a great handler, Volkswagen offers the Polo in variety of engine options right from the 1.8L Polo GTi to the Polo 1.0 3cylinder. We look at the smallest engine variant of the Hot hatch, The Polo 1.0L does it deliver? Let us find out. 


It now gets a new double-beam headlight along with new razor alloys The Volkswagen Polo looks stylish and appealing in its design. The design of the alloy has changed a bit. The Gunmetal multi-spoke wheels though look very neat. 

There are only subtle and minor changes and they can be naked to the normal eye. There is no new badging on the car which would separate it from the Old Polo. Our Test Car came in the new Lapiz Blue Color and it looks refreshing. 


The interior has seen no substantial changes as such but now the old beige treatment has been done away with and it gets an all-black theme which looks very sporty and premium, including the door pads. Our Test Car came in the Highline Trim and was loaded with features like reverse parking cameras, parking sensors and even an armrest. Would downsizing the engine of the car known for sporty handling affect the sales? Well, Volkswagen would want to sell you the Polo GT TSI if you crave the power to go with the handling. The Polo falls in the premium price bracket of Hatchbacks and the Highline Plus that we drove is the top-spec variant and gets an all-black theme with new brown-and-black leatherette seat upholstery. 

The seats are very comfortable and there’s even a driver armrest now. Quality of bits remains top notch and the interiors are superbly put together too. This variant is well equipped and gets kit like dual airbags, ABS with EBD, an auto-dimming mirror, cruise control, touchscreen with Android Auto, Apple Car-Play and Mirror-Link. Still, it misses out on certain bits like navigation, reversing camera, projector headlamps and keyless entry-go. 

We feel that this is the first update that has been given to the Polo in quite a long time and this was a much-needed one but it has hardly shown anything of substance. The cabin does not feel as roomy and still feels pretty tight and claustrophobic especially at the rear.

New Engine 

The Polo has done away with the old 1.2 liter Naturally aspirated Petrol engine and now it comes with a 999cc 3 cylinder engine which produces 75hp but the torque figure has taken a substantial hit with just 92nm as compared to the older 110nm.

The performance now feels somewhat lethargic and the car feels more like a transport than what an enthusiast would desire. The power is just not punchy enough and it takes its own sweet time and there is a massive amount of turbo lag that you would actually feel when you press hard on the accelerator. 

The ride and handling is still spot-on something that you would expect from a Polo but the way the power is delivered in a linear manner doesn’t suit the character of the car. The fuel economy now stands at 18 km/l and the engine feels very insulated and refined at a standstill but when you go pedal to the metal you would hear the 3 cylinders thrum, the engine is audible inside the cabin when redlining. 

This new 1.0-litre motor is good in the city and with high fuel economy figures, it makes a strong case for itself as a daily driver. It is only when you mash the throttle, you expect a response which is not there.

Should you buy it?

With the new downsized engine it is pretty clear that this Polo is not for those seeking an adrenaline rush and swift performance. This Polo is a Premium hatchback from Volkswagen in a highly competitive market. 

The Polo 1.0 has improved fuel economy and various new features but not a driver’s car. It is best suited for daily commute in the cities or to go on short family trips within a 150-200km radius.

The Polo 1.0 doesn’t disappoint overall, but the lack of peppiness is more than evident. This one is not a Hot hatch, just a premium small car that gets you from point A to Point B. If you want to a go-fast Polo, the Polo GT TSI is always there. 


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