Shell Launches ‘Scale Track’ For Mature Start-Ups Under Its E4 Programme

Shell E4 collaborates with Industry Partners to strengthen their strategy and help scale up operations

The E4 programme is Shell’s flagship start-up incubation programme and now Shell has announced the launch of ‘Scale Track’ under the E4 programme. Scale Track is built for mature, energy-related start-ups who have achieved a product-market fit with their commercial products. The Track is customized to support start-ups in strengthening their strategy and scaling up operations by offering insights from global companies and industry leaders, material resources including full access to their lab at the Shell Technology Centre Bangalore, and access to a focused mentorship programme.

For Scale Track Shell has partnered with ABB, AVL, Indian Angel Network, Catapult, Maharashtra State Innovation Society, The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBSCD) and Ola amongst others. The collaboration between Shell and these partners will allow start-ups several benefits such as access to a wider network and customer base, subject matter expertise, mentorship and investment opportunities which will help them scale their businesses and market share. The current themes for the 2020 Scale Track are focused on the:

  • Future of Mobility with advanced startups in “the mobility space” aspiring to bring forward disruptive technologies, business models and differentiated offerings, and,
  • Energy Management Systems with innovative startups in “the energy management space” ranging from energy auditing to efficiency improvement and overall management

After rigorously examining and evaluating numerous applications, 10 start-ups have been selected for the Scale Track this year. Mr. Nitin Prasad, Chairman, Shell Companies in India, said, “We are happy to welcome a new batch of startups, the Scale Track cohort, as a part of the well-established E4 Programme. Along with our partners, we believe that these young professionals will reap significant benefits from the programme which will help them go to the market with a better business strategy and execution capability, leapfrogging their growth. It was a competitive selection process and it was clear that these start-ups will help India in its energy transition journey and contribute to the growing clean energy ecosystem in the country.”

Start-ups will be supported to scale their operations through setting up systems and processes; building their teams; and maturing their product in a dedicated environment. The mobility and energy management ecosystem in India can only get more robust with corporates working together on common themes, screening new technologies to help startups grow and scale.

Final List of Startups that Qualified 


Energos helps commercial and industrial customers realize 15%-20% of energy savings by adding intelligence to automate and optimize energy flows through edge-deployed self-tuning algorithms.  These algorithms are part of an end-to-end platform (including middleware, cloud analytics and visualization) that can be used as is or integrated with proprietary solutions via APIs or standard protocols. Energos solutions have applications in HVAC optimization and forecasting of distributed energy resources (DER), including renewables, storage and EVs.


IOTomation offers Building IoT platform, which improves energy efficiency through automation of buildings. Offering a Pay-as-You-use subscription model reduces customer risk while providing higher degrees of flexibility.  Their vendor agnostic full stack SAAS building management system provides vendor implication by allowing for fire, safety, heating, cooling, electrical modules to be managed through one solution leading to increased operational efficiency.


LogicLadder offers sustainability management and pollution monitoring solutions approved by the Government of India.  The solutions enable customers to acquire real-time enterprise-wide energy and environment data to assess their environmental risks, predict anomalies, detect non-compliance and leverage machine learning for actionable insights. Leading companies, smart cities, and governments use their cloud platform to monitor, coordinate and achieve their sustainability goals and meet environmental compliance standards.

Jal Technologies

Jal Technologies offers indoor and outdoor solutions to measure and monitor air pollution in smart cities and industries.   They help the government, policy makers and citizens to take concrete action by providing an open source platform that analyzes the collected data providing actionable insights.

Go GreenEOT

Go GreenEOT helps B2B / Logistics companies realize reduced costs in last mile delivery by providing a Vehicle-As-a-Service model (vehicle, battery, charging, insurance) at a monthly cost.   Enabling this electric vehicle focused business model is Go GreenEOT's IP in hybrid battery and innovative cooling solutions, providing increased battery pack life.


eee-Taxi provides a fleet of electric vehicles for corporate-employee transportation. This includes route optimization services which minimizes travel time by combining telematics, technology and the EV ecosystem leading to higher productivity and revenue.  Additionally, eee- Taxi provides charge point management system for other EV users to plug in their vehicles enabling a charging marketplace.


Commutec is transforming the employee transportation business into a mobility service by digitizing fleet operators and providing protocol driven, technology enabled fleet for corporate employee transportation. Their end to end SAAS ERP automation solution allows users to improve fleet utilization, enhance safety and reduce operational costs through technology and analytics, helping fleet operators increase profit margins.


Offgrid is focused on bringing disruption to the energy storage market through new materials and batteries designs. The startup has developed rechargeable zinc carbon battery (ZincGel®) which outperforms available battery technologies in terms of power density, life and cost. Offgrid aims to cater to multiple industries such as renewables, microgrids, electric vehicles and utilities through its different variants of ZincGel® batteries.

Magenta Power

Magenta Power is in the business of Clean Energy Solutions - generation, adoption and utilization. Under the Charge Grid brand, Magenta offers universal AC EV charging infrastructure designed for India’s heat, humidity and usage condition and to be powered by solar. Some of the key highlights of Magenta Power include India's first solar based EV charging station, India's first EV Highway (Mumbai- Pune) and India's first EV billing meter. Magenta is also developing solutions for the propagation of EV charging infrastructure in rural India.


APChemi is one of the leading solution providers for chemically recycling post-consumer plastic waste including landfill plastic waste. Its unique technology can convert waste plastic into an oil that can replace the crude oil or naphtha for production of circular economy plastics. APChemi has proven the technology for pyrolysis of waste plastic, tyre and biomass. Since 2007, APChemi has commissioned more than 30 reactors. Today, APChemi's patented technology prevents landfilling of more than 75,000kg/day of plastic waste.


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