Ola Vs Uber Vs Meru Vs Mega Cabs: Numr Research Finds Out Which Taxi App Indians Prefer

App based taxi services have become one of the primary mode of transport across all major Indian cities. While the fight for investment and market share continues, Numr Research looks into the customer preference for the all the brands.

In a recent survey conducted by Numr, an Indian Market Research Company, it was reported that 84% of urban Indians in the top 8 cities have used Ola and 80% have used Uber for ride hailing.

Another 17% and 6% respondents claim to have used Meru and Mega Cabs respectively. Only 3% of the total people surveys reported that they have never used any of the apps mentioned above. According to the report titled, ‘India Taxi Market By User Segment, By Payment Mode, By Vehicle Type, By Taxi Type, Competition Forecast & Opportunities, 2012 – 2022’, in 2016, Indian taxi market stood at around 6.4 billion in 2016 and is forecasted to reach 14.3 billion in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 13.7%. Increasing disposable household income and the changing travelling lifestyle are the principle impetuses for the steady surge in the demand for Ride Hailing Services. 

The survey also reported that 6% of people above 45 and 0.5% of millennials in urban India have never used a Taxi app. 

Out of the app(s) the respondents had chosen, they were asked to select the one that they used most frequently.

56% divulged that they primarily use Ola for ride booking, 41% use Uber, 2% use Meru and a paltry 1% uses Mega Cabs. Interestingly, Kolkata emerged as the only city that primarily chooses to use Uber (55%) over Ola (40%). By contrast, in South India reportedly uses Ola twice as much as Uber. (66 % respondents primarily use Ola compared to the 33% who prefer Uber). Also, Indian urbanites below 45 seem to prefer Ola and people over 45, Uber. (58% under 45 claim to use Ola primarily while only 47% of people over 45 claim the same).

Ola operates in around 125 cities in India while Uber is only available in 36. Both are nearly identical in the kinds of services they provide and hence, it is the quality of the service that acts as a major differentiator between the two. Together, they have wholly decimated almost all competition. In terms of NPS, the Numr survey reported that Uber has a slightly higher NPS as compared to Ola. Uber’s NPS is 60.29 while Ola’s is 59.27.

This is how they both rank based on the various other parameters. (Scores range from 1 to 100, with 100 being the best and 1 the world)

1.Affordability- Urban Indian respondents reported that they believe Ola to be more affordable than Uber.  (Ola- 52, Uber 48)

2.Availability- Ola scored more than Uber. (Ola- 46, Uber- 42)

3.Offers and Discounts- Both scored poorly on this criteria. Ola, however scored more than Uber. (Ola- 26, uber- 18)

4.Safety- Uber scored higher than Ola in terms of safety. (Ola-46, Uber-51)

5.Comfort- Ola scored slightly more than Uber. (Ola- 39, Uber- 37)

6.Cleanliness- Ola was rated slightly higher than Uber. (Ola- 39, Uber- 37)

7.Customised to customer need- Ola scored significantly higher than Uber. (Ola- 42, Uber- 32)

8.Ease of Usage- Both scored almost the same. (Ola- 49, Uber 50)

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