Ola Electric Scooter Launch Round The Corner, Ola Futurefactory Phase 1 Near Completion – Bhavish Aggarwal

Bhavish Aggarwal, tweets about choosing colors for the New Ola Electric Scooter, hinting at a launch soon.

Ola Electric Scooter

Going by the tweets of Ola Chairman and Group CEO – Bhavish Aggarwal, a lot is happening at Ola Electric. On June 24th Bhavish in his tweet, said “Time to order some paint! What color would you like on the Ola Scooter?” hinting at the production of the New Ola Electric Scooter being in its final stages. “Already got you covered for Black! What else?” Bhavish added putting the Twitter users in a tizzy.

Earlier this week, the State of Gujarat had announced its new EV policy with the highest subsidy in the country, with an objective to see up to two lakh EVs on the roads of Gujrat by 2025.

Reacting to Gujrat's New EV Policy Bhavish had said “The EV revolution is coming! From Karnataka in 2017 to Gujarat just this week, 21 states and UTs are now incentivizing EVs to make them affordable. We're committed to accelerating this with #OlaFuturefactory and our scooter that's coming soon!”

A lot of other states have also put in place an EV policy that will further boost Ola Electric, which is building a 500-acre EV plant near Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu with an annual capacity of 10 million.

On Saturday, Bhavish again took to Twitter to announce that the Ola FutureFactory Phase 1 is nearing completion. “In just 4 months, this place has transformed from acres of empty rock land to the world’s largest 2W factory.” Bhavish said in his tweet. Last year, Ola had announced a Rs 2,400-crore investment for setting up its first electric scooter factory in Tamil Nadu.

The Ola FutureFactory is expected to be the world's largest electric scooter manufacturing unit with an initial production capacity of 2 million units, expanding to 10million units annually. The factory will also create nearly 10,000 jobs.

Earlier in April of this year, Ola electric had revealed its plans for the Ola Hypercharger network, at 100,000 locations across 400 cities. The company claimed the hypercharger network to be the world’s largest, densest, fastest 2W charging network.

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