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Using LetsTrack Premium, you can get connected with your car. The LT Premium device offers tracking the whereabouts of your vehicle and a lot more features.

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Being Connected is something we take for granted in today, The Automobile industry is also keeping up with the trend and bringing in vehicles with built-in connected features. But what if your vehicle doesn’t have any of these features? Using LetsTrack Premium, you can get connected with your car. The LT Premium device offers to track the whereabouts of your vehicle and a lot more features.

Some manufacturers have app-based vehicle connectivity features with geolocation and vehicle speed tracking features. This is really useful if your car is chauffeured around or shared by family members, or if you have a growing business of cabs and fleet vehicles to manage.

So when it comes to the safety of your vehicle or its passengers, or the managing your own fleet vehicles, having a detailed report of your vehicle’s whereabouts comes in handy. That’s where the Letstrack GPS tracker comes in and after using Lets Track Premium for over a month here is our report.

What Do You Get?

Inside the box, you get the LT Premium device some connectors and an SOS button. The contents of the package look uninteresting because this device is supposed to be hidden out of sight of the user. Except the small SOS button, every piece of the box contents is supposed to be hidden. The device uses a GSM 850/900 and 1800/1900 band offering maximum coverage in urban and rural areas both. With the box, you get a free mobile application, a free sim card, free installation, year-long service and 12-month rental. Apart from that, Letstrack also provides extended plans for 1, 2, and 4 years at an extra cost. 

The LetsTrack Application Features

Once installed the LT Premium device is operated using the LetsTrack Mobile Application. Compatible with both Android and iPhones, the app can be easily downloaded from Appstore. 

Once the device is installed by the technician from LetsTrack and the mobile application is set up, you are greeted by a welcome screen where you can see your vehicle and add more vehicles with LetsTrack devices to the list. Since Letstrack Premium Series can be used for fleet management, multiple vehicles can be managed with a real-time view of the fleet operation and the moving assets on a single screen. 

Once you click on any vehicle on the screen, the app straight away takes you to the location of the vehicle. Here you can see whether the vehicle is moving or parking if the vehicle is being used at the time, the status of AirCon and Engine can also be viewed. In the lower part of the app screen, you can view where you have parked the vehicle, trip history, geofence zones, driving history and driving statistics. 

The hamburger menu on the lower right opens up the additional controls, like engine cut-off function, we did try this feature and it worked as advertised. One thing to note here is this function is unavailable in cars with push-button start. This menu also offers you to navigate you to your vehicle directly via google maps and for fleet owners, driver behaviour is available with points assigned for good driving. One important feature is AC Alarm, which sends a notification whenever the AC is switched On/Off. This feature is helpful for people who hire drivers for the vehicles.

Similar to other modern-day app-based connected vehicle tracking devices, Letstrack notifies the owner of any breach of pre-decided speed limits. Even if the device is disconnected, a notification will be sent using the inbuilt battery. The device is waterproof and also sends notification if the vehicle is towed away. This feature works even when the engine is switched off. 

The Letstrack also gives information about fuel consumption, number of stoppages taken etc., which is very helpful for fleet owners and people on a road trip. The data can be stored for 60 days on the web and can be extracted whenever required. Using the driver behaviour feature, the vehicle owners can monitor drivers and how they accelerate, decelerate, take a sharp turn or do harsh braking. The on-demand location along with Safe Mode allows anti-theft protection of the vehicle. 

What do we think?

The Letstrack Premium is available for a cost of Rs 8,999 and can be ordered through their official website – The extended plans can also be ordered at the time of purchase. The LetsTrack Premium Device does what it promises, the application interface has a small learning curve but easy to use. The ability to add more vehicles is something that fleet owners and people who own more than one car would love. There is a lot of competition in the vehicle tracking market but the nice layout of the app add additional features gets LetsPremium a thumbs up from the BW Autoworld team. 

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