I Like The Cars That Are Out Of The Box, They Might Look Gimmicky But I Like It Because They Are Different - Supercar Blondie

On her maiden trip to India, Supercar Blondie talks to BWAutoworld about her passion to drive Supercars, Brands she endorses and her plans to launch her own TV Show

Born in Brisbane 33 year Alexandra Hirschi popularly known as Supercar Blondie moved to Dubai as a full-time radio journalist, where she got an opportunity to drive some beautiful cars on a track for a show, Blondie shares how her supercar journey began by saying, “Well! I never knew that I will be driving Supercars for a living. Supercars were something I always loved and a goal of mine was to own a supercar. So after one of my shows, I received a call from Bentley if I would like to have a car to drive around for a few days, and I took that car and was more than thrilled as I was driving the car of my dream. I started taking videos and photographs with this car posting my perspective on this car. So it went from there starting from a few Bentley’s to driving some of the most incredible cars in the world.”

So how did Alexandra turned into a Supercar Blondie, her reply, "Well I was called a ‘Radio Blonde’ on my radio show, and when I quit my job and started filming supercars full time I changed my name from Radio Blondie to Supercar Blondie. So I had a full-time job at the radio and while I came back I was creating content for my videos, so there came a point when I decided to quit my radio job and started creating content for social media every single day."

Talking about her two favorite brands and about her maiden trip to India Blondie says, “I’m in India because of two of my favorite brands one of them being Michelin Tyres, they are the leading tyre manufacturers all over the world that has been doing for over 130 years. I think tyres are extremely important as the rubber actually connects you to the ground when you are driving and that tiny bit of rubber makes a lot of difference in your safety. The other brand I love is Mercedes and I am dealing here with Mercedes AMG India. I like driving their cars because they are super-fast and powerful but they are also usable, so you don't need to worry about speed bumps or potholes and drive them. I am here for a meet and greet and am looking forward to driving an Indian make car in Bangalore and make a video as a taxi driver for my YouTube videos."

Talking about how brands have benefitted from her channel is a social media influencer Blondie states an interesting example "So it was once, that I drove a supercar VUHL in Mexico and after watching my video the brand received hundreds of order inquiries within 24 hours, so that gives an idea of how well social media actually does for the brands. So the car brands come to me as I have an audience for them to reach. I would only work with brands I believe in because the audience is too smart now and they see through you. So you need to love the brands you are working with otherwise it comes out as very in genuine." 

Blondie talked about the branded content and paid partnerships with the automobile brands across various digital platforms by saying, “I started off with Instagram and then moved to Facebook and now I’m on YouTube. I like them for all for different reasons. Well, It takes a long time to create a lot of content before you start making any money out of it, and it’s something that you need to do because you love it. So once you start reaching a following and develop a community of your own, obviously the brands start following you as they want to reach people.”

About incorporating innovative ideas as a content creator and the lessons learned Blondie replies, “I’m constantly learning and I think as an influencer one needs to constantly move with the trends as social media is constantly evolving. So once we get used to one thing, we have already seen it and it gets on to another. We have so many different things to look at now, so we need to constantly come up with something better and quick and sync with the change every single day to retain our audience. Initially, I started with a strategy to introduce my car to the audiences, but then it stopped working after a while, then I started using a bit of comedy, and it is something that always works because people love to laugh. Also, you need to open up with the audience and show your heart otherwise they don’t connect with you.”

When asked about the cars she likes and why? She promptly replies, “I like the cars that are out of the box, they might look gimmicky but I like it because they are different. I own a Lamborghini Huracan because it sounds incredible, it looks aggressive but it is, in fact, is easy to drive.”

So what drives her the power or the speed of Supercars and what’s her favourite place to drive supercars she replies instantly, “Well I like both and that’s one of the reasons I like hybrid cars and the torque the electric motors give to a car, when you just put your foot down, it just goes. I think if there is any place where you want to test your car its Germany because there are certain patches where you can go as fast as you can and it's legal there."

Talking about her brand endorsements and future plans Blondie says,” Well I am soon to launch my own TV show to endorse a few brands, that is really going to be a fun show to watch, that’s all I can say now as all will be open soon.”

In her concluding message to the aspiring generation of influencers, Blondie said, “Please do not aspire to be an influencer since it’s not a job. Do something you love, create content and share with people and that’s what you do. It’s all about following your passion and when you create interesting videos and what you love to do people will relate to that and as a by-product, you will have the influence, that will happen if you share what you love. Work really hard it looks easy and fun but it’s not, it’s a 24x7 job. Also, ignore the people who want to bring you down.”


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