Hero Destini 125 Long Term Review: Fuel Efficient & Family Scooter

Hero Destini 125 was the first offering from Hero in the 125cc segment. We drove it for a couple of months and here is what we think about it.

Design & Styling: Hero Destini was the first scooter from Hero to offer a 125-cc engine. The concept of the scooter was first showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo as Duet 125. The scooter looks similar to Honda Aviator from the front and rear resembles the 110 cc Hero Duet. The design of the scooter is conventional as Hero has positioned it as a typical family scooter. It is made up of a metal body with lots of chrome embraced at the front and at the side of the scooter to give it a premium touch.

The headlight of Hero Destini 125 is made up of a six-sided panel that holds a halogen bulb. We feel that LED lights could have been introduced to give it a trendy feel. In Destini, you are getting a digital-analog instrument cluster that features side stand indicator and servicing reminder apart from regular features like speedometer, fuel indicator, and trips meter.

The side panel of the scooter carries a 3D branding and linear-chrome design, which enhances the look of the scooter. At the rear, you will find grab rail, tail light with turn indicators. The fuel filler cap is also provided at the back, which gives convenience to fill the petrol without opening the seat. The Hero Destini 125 gets 90/100 section tires at both ends along with 10-inch rims. The scooter is equipped with many safety features such as side stand indicator and beep sound when fuel lid is open and you try to start the scooter. There is a small honeycomb-like design given at the back and on the seat as well. The under-seat storage of the scooter also has lots of space and a charging port. It can easily hold the large size helmet in it.

i3s Technology: The Hero Destini 125 is the first scooter to feature i3S technology. The i3s technology automatically turns off the engine after 5 sec of idling. To restart you just have to press the brakes and twist the throttle. This is perfect for city commuters, who waits on signals and hence it will also increase the mileage of scooter. It will take some time to get used to it. You can switch it on through a button on the right side of the handle.

Engine and performance: The Hero Destini 125 is powered by a 124.6 cc air-cooled engine derived from the Duet 110. This engine produces power of 8.7PS and 10.2Nm Torque. We have used the scooter for more than 2 months for commuting between home and office. The scooter is very practical on the roads, especially on congested roads. We feel some issues like, scooter suddenly switch off on idling even when not in i3s mode; it might be an issue with our review unit. It gives us a mileage of 42kmpl in city condition. We also make it our companion for long routes and it really showed its potential and didn’t disappoint at all. The initial acceleration is a bit slow if compared to other 125cc scooters that we have driven. The Hero Destini 125 offers a fuel tank capacity of 5.5 liters, so you need to spend on petrol again after 250 Km.

Ride and Handling: We drove the scooter for more than 1500 km and want to tell you that you can absolutely trust its ride quality. Long rides and sitting posture on the scooter are important deciding factors; Hero Destini 125 really has the ability to become your companion for long rides without harming your back. Taking rest between long rides is advisable as it is good for scooter’s engine as well as your body. In the traffic conditions, you will be easily able to get it out through small gaps.

The handling of a scooter is just like any other normal scooter. Like any other scooter, it also stuck in the cavities of the roads. The suspension of the scooter is average and it could have been better. The initial acceleration of the scooter is slow but once you cross 30-40 mark it accelerates very quickly. The scooter can reach 0-60 within 8-9 sec, which is enough to beat the traffic. Let’s talk about the condition when the scooter is in high speed. You can easily push it to 90 on highways but you may feel certain vibration on footstep area. The scooter can take a sharp turn very smoothly.

Verdict: Hero Destini 125 was the first attempt of Hero to enter in the 125cc segment. The scooter offers a lot in that money and can be a good option for those who want a commuter for their office or daily needs. Introduction of disc brakes could have been done. The subtle design, improved engine make it an ideal choice for those who want to by ruff-tuff and solid scooters. The scooter is priced at 54,980 - 62,630 (ex-showroom-Delhi).


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