5 Upgrades You Should Gift Your Car For The Ultimate Makeover

There’s a host of things that you can change for your beloved car and give it a makeover to make it seem fresh and new again. BW Autoworld will guide you through with some of the best upgrades that you can get.


Tyres are the fundamental entity that connects you to your car and therefore choosing the right new set of tyres other than stock ones is important for a better quality of driving, handling and acceleration. Tyres come with a code printed on them which lets you know about the week of manufacture and it is advisable to buy tyres that are less than 6 months old and you should never buy any tyres if they are more than a year old. You should always check the warranty and the size of tyres should be suited to your needs as it may affect a lot of things like fuel economy and ride quality in the future.

Music Systems

Since the infotainment systems are the major rage in the country and almost every new car in any segment is getting the system one can also opt for an aftermarket system if the stock system is not great or if you want a personalized experience. They can range

anywhere from 5k-40k and they may even come with Apple Car-Play and Android-Auto which might not be there in your stock ones if you purchased a lower spec variant. These systems are easy to use and can help in giving a fresh feel to your boring cabin and it might also add a new spice to it making your car distinct.

ECU Remapping

ECU stands for the Electronic Control Unit which controls the actuators of an internal combustion engine for optimal engine performance. While all this may feel too techy, let us just say that every manufacturer has some power reserved for the situations that require extra power like carrying a heck lot of luggage or a fully occupied car climbing up a hill. With the ECU remapping, you can essentially unlock this extra power of the car for each and every use or just for the pure fun of daily driving which might improve the performance but it will definitely affect the fuel economy. Enthusiasts that need extra performance from their car usually remap their cars for better performance. The price can range from anywhere between 60k to 7Lakhs.

Headlights and Tail-Lights

In order to make the eyes of your car stand out from the crowd, the LEDs, halogens, HIDs or even the DRLs are very important because they add a very premium feel to the exterior. You can choose from a wide variety of headlights, tail-lights and DRLs that are not as expensive as the ones produced by the car company and these aftermarket ones will do the job just right and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Websites like Two Brothers have a wide variety of headlights available ranging from Rs 5k to 50k for a wide variety of models to go with. The stock headlights usually come in the top of the line variant and therefore you need to spend a bomb to get those but instead, these aftermarket headlights are a good alternative to go with.

Paint Protection

The paint protection is a basic film that is applied on to the external paint job of your car in order to protect the car from UV exposure, chips or scratches, chemical stains and a lot more. When paired with the ceramic coating, it will provide the ultimate protection to your vehicle and will also enhance the physical appeal of the car by making it look a lot shinier.

The paint protection can be applied to those areas of your car that are most prone to scratches or chipping off the paint like the bumper, hood, rear wheel arches, fenders, and side mirrors. On the other hand, the coating will only provide an extra layer on top of the paint to protect the vehicle from stains and chemical etching. The price for paint protection ranges anywhere from Rs 30k to 50k ranging on a number of factors like the coverage area, the condition of the vehicle and the difficulty rating of the vehicle to apply the paint as it is a two-dimensional film that needs to be applied to a 3-dimensional object. The labour costs will also be extensive and will depend on the brand and the vehicle to which it will be done.

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