4 Wheels To Independence - All-New Mahindra Thar Launching Tomorrow

The Thar always had good looks, but from the latest spyshots it is evident that Mahindra has put in a lot of work on the interiors

All New Mahindra Thar

Mahindra has been assembling Jeeps since 1947 starting with the Willy CJ3B, it brought in the MM550 based Thar in 2010 targeting the lifestyle vehicle category with the CRDE model. The Thar was an instant hit with everyone looking at its macho exterior and its go-anywhere do-anything ability. 

Mahindra Thar although a great vehicle for offroading and much better than its predecessors was never a comfortable vehicle to live with. Mechanically it was excellent, the 2498cc Turbo Diesel motor with a 5speed manual tranny put out 105bhp and 247nm torque on the road. The engine was peppy and loved by the enthusiasts. The Thar also came with  BorgWarner 4WD system with a low ratio box. Later on, with an update, Mahindra also added a rear mechanical diff-lock and Air-conditioning. 

Even though mechanically everything was good, But when you actually get down to driving the Thar you realize it's a different story altogether. The interiors of the original 2010 Thar was nothing less than rudimentary, the dashboard design and finish reminded me of cars at least 20 years old. Then there were the basic necessities like power windows etc which were lacking and anyone who bought a Thar would probably get the Power Windows fitted before taking the Thar to the Mandir for Puja. Then there was a lack of availability of a hard lockable roof, Soft roof is all cool and all until you need to keep your belongings in the Thar and park the vehicle. The Soft Roof also meant you could hear anyone and everyone outside your Thar, Cool Factor aside the Soft Roof wasn’t all that easy to take off and put back on either. The Point here is Mahindra Thar was never a comfortable vehicle to live with right out of the box, you had to make it livable by adding aftermarket accessories. And we are not even touching on the ergonomics of the steering wheel, stalks, and the basic seats. 

Yet Mahindra Thar was a dream vehicle of all the young men in the country, the raw macho appeal was unbeatable. The Aftermarket support for The Thar quickly picked up and now you can get a ton of stuff for your Thar in the market. Bigger Tyres, Wheel Spacers, Lift Kits, Lights, Light Bars, Snorkel, ECU Remaps, Stinger bumpers, Winches, hardtop roofs, etc. 

Mahindra with the Thar faced no competition, The Gypsy was already too old, the Force Gurkha although very capable off-road was never in competition. Its 2020 and the situation is highly unpredictable with every day a new surprise being thrown at you. One of the pleasant surprises though is Mahindra launching its All-New Thar tomorrow on the occasion of India's 74th Independence Day. The New Thar has been spotted a million times this year being thoroughly tested in camouflage. From the Spy shots, a lot of things are evident and it seems Mahindra has finally brought “comfort” into the equation of the Thar. 

The Thar always had good looks, but from the latest spy shots it's evident that Mahindra has put in a lot of work on the interiors of the Thar, The New Seats look very comfortable, the dashboard which seems to be inspired from the Jeep Wrangler looks years ahead of the previous model. Power window switches are also visible along with HVAC controls and factory fitted infotainment system. 

Even the rear seats which were only available in two side bench configuration earlier now get a makeover and a single front facing bench is seen. Other major noteworthy addition is the availability of a Hard Top Roof, removing all the anxiety associated with leaving your belongings in the Thar. 

There are a lot of rumours going around with the Engine configurations on the interwebz but there seems to be a consensus on two things, that Mahindra will be bringing the Thar with an Automatic Gearbox and possibly a Petrol Motor as well. Automatic Gearbox plays well in offroading conditions, Water Wading situations and is a boon to use in City driving situations. 

With all the new creature comforts now available in the New Thar, Mahindra probably aims to attract Mall Crawlers and People who actually always wanted an offroad vehicle albeit with some amount of basic comfort. From the Spy Shots available, the New Thar seems to be the next big game changer for Mahindra and Mahindra. Launching on the 74th Independence Day, the New Thar will take your places you have never been before and that is what is independence. We are very excited and will be covering the launch and the review afterwards. Stay Tuned.

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