How To Have The Features Of An Expensive Car Without Paying A Fortune?

Whatever the make of the car you choose; there are some features that you would want in your car that give you the best of industry security and safety for your family.

It is a dream for many to buy a new car with world class features. The trick is to find the car that offers the best features for price. Whatever the make of the car you choose; there are some features that you would want in your car that give you the best of industry security and safety for your family.  The addition of a small device like the IOT which is a personal vehicle tracking system that is compatible with social media in a single application makes your car as safe as the most expensive car on the block.

Why is GPS tracking an important feature in your car?

GPS tracking is an important feature that is generally available on high end cars, but it is always a good feature that can be added to your car with an inexpensive device. The importance of the peace of mind that this device brings is not to be underestimated. In this fast paced world the chances of your loved ones facing a security issue can be huge.

The GPS tracking devices like Letstrack are great to generate women safety, kidnapping prevention, theft prevention and ensuring that your loved ones are always safe. Imagine your child driving her first car and you worrying at home. The tracker could buy you peace of mind, while she enjoys an independent ride in her new car. The first car often tends to be a smaller and less expensive car which is not so feature rich and the IOT device can be a great add on. It can help remove worries from your daily life and add a lot of value to your life.

The device can be linked to social media and can be unobtrusive. It can help curb the growing delinquency, prevent mishaps and allow you peace of mind. You can place the tracker in the car under the dashboard, on the rear shelf, under the seats or even under the car itself. The important detail is to place it in such a location that does not interfere with the other electronics on the vehicle.

A GPS tracking system uses the GNSS or the Global Navigation satellite System network. This network uses a range of satellites that uses a range of microwave signals. These signals are transmitted to devices that track GPS to procure information on vehicle location, speed, direction and time. Some advanced devices may help you to track the fuel consumption patterns on the vehicle too. This may eventually make it easier to maintain vehicle health and fuel efficiency.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi in the car

Luxury cars have an inbuilt Wi-Fi that runs the GPS and the infotainment options in the car. The same can be added at much cheaper rates to make your economy car model a luxury one. Just add a car theatre system and add a portable Wi-Fi to the mix. The portable Wi-Fi operates on a SIM card and creates a hotspot in the car that can be used to run your GPS tracker and also your Wi-Fi enabled entertainment system. The feature is easy to add and can be a good way to upgrade your vehicle.

SOS alarm systems

Safety is one of the major features in a high-end car. You can add a vital feature like an SOS alarm in an economy car without notching up too much of an expense.  The SOS button can be attached to the GPS tracker system. As in the built-in SOS the car can be tracked and in case of emergencies, the use of the button can alert the security services like the police and fire stations to reach the spot. 

App cars use this device as a part of their application and can be accessed by both the driver and the passenger in a few seconds. This feature can be a lifesaver if an accident occurs.

Engine cut off with Start-stop systems

The world is moving towards lowering the carbon footprint for fossil fuel use. The best way is to implement the start-stop system in car engines. Some top-end cars do have this built in. The vehicle has heavy duty starters and larger batteries to enable them to start dozens of times when the engine shuts off during idling time.

The same can be replicated by tweaking your car batteries and adding an engine cut off system. This may be really useful if you are environment conscious. You may also experiment with using a hybrid LPG-fuel model that can be incorporated in a car by expert mechanics.

Buy your car well within your budget, add the add-ons at a low cost and turn it into envy generating machine with features that are usually available only in expensive cars.