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Top 5 Performance Sedans That Justify The Tag Of “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”

These cars are more than what meets the eye. They score great on luxury, practicality, and comfort but they also smash records by doing north to 100km/hr under 5 sec.

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5 Best Scooters Under A Lakh

India is one of the biggest markets for Scooters in the world. Scooters are inherently more comfortable than a motorcycle for city use. The popularity of Scooters also stems from the fact that there is a lot of storage space on a scooter and considering the traffic conditions in India, the easy to u

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Best 5 Budget Hatchbacks

Here are 5 of our favorite hatchback cars in India that can be parked in your garage ... Repairs shouldn't make a big dent in your budget, either, with the service cost or with the cost of spares. Evening the running costs are low as these small hatchbacks offer excellent fuel efficiency.

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Top 5 Electric Vehicle Makers In India

List of Top 5 Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India who are making waves in this segment

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5 Hot Hatches Under 10 Lakhs

Hatchbacks are smaller cars usually intended for economical & convenient city driving around congested roads. The idea of taking a regular family hatchback and turning it into a performance car has been very popular all over the world. Indian car market has always been about fuel efficiency and Pric

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5 Super Exotic SUVs To Look Out For

SUVs have taken the world by storm and this breed’s popularity is showing no sign of stopping. Just about every segment of car has an SUV version these days. When it comes to the high-performance end of the market it's no different – these family-friendly cars have the power to give more purpose spo

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